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FOR: Construction, Home Improvement, Real Estate, Flooring, Remodelling, Kitchen, Bath & Bedroom,

Cabinet Dealers, Do-it-Yourself (DIY), Architects Designers, Property Management and much more!

The most accurate and detailed measuring and drawing program in the market, which scans

the jobs site and immediately creates complete 2D and 3D remodelling or construction drawing

Planning a Home Improvement/Refurbishment?

Are you planning to:

  • Renew your kitchen cabinets and/or worktop(s).
  • Upgrade your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.
  • Install wood, laminate flooring, or carpets.
  • Redesign your living areas, e.g. lounge or dining area.
  • Plan a new home office.
  • Extend any part of your home, 1 or 2 floors.
  • Extend or add a room on or into your garage

Use Innodraw’s software as a service (SAAS) to create your own plan(s) and get:

  • Competitive quotes from a number of vendors, negotiate on price by presenting accurate figures.
  • Free proposals from proven various vendors, based on the InnoDraw measurements.
  • The plans will normally import directly into their design software.
  • Make an accurate and educated decision for your new project!


Have you ever started working with a company only to realise half way through that you may have made a risky decision, or it just didn't feel right?

Never before have home-owners had the technology available to make an accurate and educated decision for their project.

You can now concentrate on putting companies through a stringent battery of checks, e.g. their time in business, insurance coverage, their rating, and most importantly what happens if there is an issue, how they work through it in a satisfactory way for their customers.

InnoDraw’s Software As A Service  (SAAS) allows you to plan your current and future designs.  You can even buy a laser measure and use it automatically with the software (ask for details). 
You are now in complete control and able to make all the decisions about your project.

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 Complete Service

If you are interested in using our Complete Measuring Service to do the measurement and plan for you, please contact us and we will pass your details to our local agent who will contact you.