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FOR: Construction, Home Improvement, Real Estate, Flooring, Remodelling, Kitchen, Bath & Bedroom,

Cabinet Dealers, Do-it-Yourself (DIY), Architects Designers, Property Management and much more!

The most accurate and detailed measuring and drawing program in the market, which scans

the jobs site and immediately creates complete 2D and 3D remodelling or construction drawing


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Stone Systems is the largest network of commonly owned stone fabrication shops in the North America and InnoDraw's largest USA customer. In just the past 18 months alone, Stone Systems has delivered over 15,000 onsite Measurements using InnoDraw's Platform & Service Delivery System. 40% of those projects have been delivered to Home Depot Design Professionals.


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Founded in 1972, Aldo Design Group is a leading flooring and interior products resource for retail and commercial customers, and homebuilders of all sizes serving customers throughout the northeast USA. "With InnoDraw we have been able to deliver much faster project turnaround times because complete digital measures are automatically uploaded into 20-20 Design from the jobsite. InnoDraw saves us man power resources and helps improve profits by reducing errors that we have made in the past. We are very impressed with InnoDraw." - VP, Aldo Benavides.


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With 20 years in the construction industry, Frugal Kitchens & Cabinets offers homeowners quality, experience and knowledge at reasonable costs. InnoDraw is now a measuring supplier for
Frugal Kitchens & Cabinets.


J.Aaron Custom Wood Countertops logoSince 2001, J. Aaron has been designing extraordinary butcher block countertops that meet the precise needs of homeowners, architects, designers, builders and retailers nationwide. InnoDraw is now a measuring service provider for J. Aaron.