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InnoDraw is the most accurate digital measuring software for the construction and home improvement market and has been utilized in over 200,000 successful projects!

InnoDraw simplifies, speeds up and eliminates errors in your measuring workflow to increase revenue in your business!

With 30 years of industry experience in digital measuring, InnoDraw delivers state of the art technology, along with competitive pricing.


Core strengths

  • Capable of linear, 2D & 3D measure capture for single or multi room projects.
  • Extremely accurate intelligent templating.
  • Automatically converts digital measure capture to output files for Autocad, Cabinet Vision, 20/20 and others.
  • Delivery to customer via cloud. Customer determines each output format. Database of all jobs and automatic backup.



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InnoDraw is a dynamic, innovative international company providing State-of-the-Art digital measuring solutions for the home improvement and commercial markets.
It operates in the USA, Sweden, UK, Brazil, Israel and is rapidly expanding operations into new regions.
Customized software in combination with extremely accurate laser measuring devices, provide the ultimate solution for a variety of projects.

InnoDraw’s measuring technology can be applied to every part of the construction and remodeling industry including but not limited to:

  • Architectural design
  • Kitchen and bath cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Windows and doors
  • Floor Coverings (wood, carpet, tile, concrete, etc.)
  • Home Owners

InnoDraw provides a win-win solution for designers and fabricators as well as their clients who receive perfectly measured and cut items.

InnoDraw combines laser technology and powerful software together with many years of experience to create the most innovative measuring system available in this market.
We support you and have to earn your business every day on every project.

  • Reduce human errors resulting in more profitable jobs
  • Use existing employees in a more productive manner
  • Know exact job costs for templating
  • Eliminate 3rd party CAD systems
  • Have complete peace of mind and security as all templates are traceable, archived and backup in the system
  • Work with a company that has produced tens of thousands of templates worldwide over many years
  • Receive unlimited technical support.

InnoDraw is compatible with most of the world’s CAD software including AutoCAD, 20-20, Compusoft, Cabinet Vision, Raumplan, Promob and others.