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InnoDraw Measuring & Automatic 3D Drawing System

* Save time  *  Increase accuracy * Eliminate Extra Office Drawing Work and Drawing Mistakes

InnoDraw’s ELCAD is a complete measuring and automatic drawing software which together with Leica’s laser distance meters enables you to complete your 2D & 3D drawings at the site.

It is a perfect solution for the Construction, Architecture, Real Estate, Property Management, Countertop & Backsplash fabrication, Home Improvement and Do-It-Yourself industries.

ELCAD is available for FREE 30-day trial!

InnoDraw’s Measuring and Automatic Drawing System enables you to complete everything at job site! Transfer drawings to Top CAD programs within seconds!
Verify accuracy, eliminate mistakes, save time and money!

Compatible Leica DISTO™ models:
– Handheld LDM (basic): D1, D110(E7500i), D2
– Handheld LDM (advanced): D510(E7500i), X3 e X4
– 3D P2P LDM: X3 and X4 (with adapter DST 360), S910.

Compatible out of production Leica DISTO™ models:
– Handheld LDM (basic): Plus, A6, D3aBT(D330i), D8(with camera)

Click here for more information about Leica Disto™

InnoDraw software is multilingual and provides automatic conversion of your drawings in
2d dxf, 3d dxf, skp, pdf and xmla (ArredoCAD) format 
that can be opened with the main CAD programs.

Compatible CAD -v9
InnoDraw 3D measuring system – using 3D LDM
InnoDraw 3D measuring system – using hand-held LDM