InnoDraw’s Countertop Measurement Tool and Countertop Template Software

Is a Fabricator’s Dream!

Are you struggling with ‘broken’ inaccurate measurements and outdated physical countertop templates? Tired of working with too many CAD programs?

InnoDraw digital countertop template software uses a laser device, to scan Kitchen/Bath Cabinet Surfaces and the walls around it, to create “digital countertop templates” which can be sent in seconds, directly to the countertop factory CNC machines.

This eliminates the need to create “cardboard physical countertop templates”, saves time and eliminates the extra CNC programming and its human errors.

  • InnoDraw has completed over 150,000 successful digital countertop laser measuring & templating in 4 countries.
  • InnoDraw software is accurate to 1.5 mm and has built-in accuracy verification functions.
  • Fully integrated and customizable sinks library
  • Profiling any non-straight line
  • Measure backsplashes
  • Customizable Edge profiles & Overhang
  • Round corners and chamfers
  • Capturing Original Cabinet and Cabinet Stops
  • No need for any other full-featured CAD application
  • Measurements accuracy and level of detail: 100%
  • InnoDraw proven AI algorithms optimize and verify the accuracy of the measurements to perfection in real-time, regardless of your measurement device!

Stop wasting time, money, and energy, on tedious outdated measuring & drawing practices. With our expertise, AI countertop template software, and dedicated team, we can help you concentrate on your core business and scale it to new heights.

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