Enhance your laser measuring device with InnoDraw Measuring & Automatic 3D Drawing Software

The perfect laser templating & measuring solution for the Construction, Architecture,
Real Estate, Property Management, Countertop & Backsplash fabrication,
Home Improvement and DYI industries.

* Saves time and money * Increases accuracy * Eliminates mistakes and extra drawing work at the office

Use a simple handheld or comprehensive P2P Laser Distance Meter (LDM) to measure and automatically create 2D and 3D accurate, detailed drawings at job site. Your measurements will be wirelessly transferred from your LDM – directly into your drawings! You can use BOTH: 3D P2P and handheld LDMs simultaneously for maximum efficiency and time saving.

Compatible Leica laser devices: DISTO™ S910, X4, X3, D510(E7500i), D2, D110(E7500i), D1,
DISTO™ Plus, A6, D3aBT(D330i), D8

InnoDraw software is multilingual and provides automatic conversion to the world’s TOP CAD programs’ formats.

Compatible CAD -v9

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