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About Us

The World's Leading Measurements Platform

We offer 100% accurate cloud-based measurement service that is compatible with every CAD software, shortens measurement time by 90%, and converting on-site drawings to CAD sketches instantly.

Since 1985, throughout InnoDraw’s activity and a lot before as well, we’ve been making it our mission to make measurements simple. As a result, technology underpins everything we do. With InnoDraw, we have built a state-of-the-art digital measuring platform designed to make the process of measuring, designing, and planning the easiest possible: Unprecedented 100% multi-layer accuracy, advanced AI optimization functionalities that eliminate mistakes & production errors, real-time cloud syncing with on-site measurement, and customized support to allproduction machines & CAD software, and many other special features. Since starting out in 2016 we’ve completed more than 500,000 measurements worldwide, providing dedicated service to our clients and end-users. In that time we’ve built some truly phenomenal relationships across various industries, and we are proud to say that every day we are revolutionizing the measuring & drawing business for our partners and clients across 4 continents.

Backed by expertise

Our team has been in the forefront of the measuring industry for over 20 years, and we are constantly looking for better ways to help our industry’s needs.

Dedicated team

Your convenience is our success. We strive to get you the best solution and experience possible, and if there’s anything we can help you with we will do everything (and more) to make you happy.

Technology and data driven

From engineering to sales, we’re a talented team of tech-savvy professionals that are endlessly evolving and re-shaping our product, technology, and customer experience based on data.

The World’s Leading Measurement Solution

Whether it is Architects & Interior Designers, Construction & Real Estate Surveyors, Countertop & Backsplash Fabricators, or Remodelling, Kitchen, Bath & Bedrooms, our team of experts and powerful AI solutions have been recognised as the very best.