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How it Works

The Power of AI

Our proprietary AI algorithms enable inexpensive laser devices to perform 100% accurate 3D digital measurements & drawings that shortens the existing manual measurement & drawing process into a few minutes only and syncing it instantly with any CAD program.

For more than 20 years, throughout InnoDraw’s activity and a lot before as well, we’ve been making it our mission to make measurements simple. As a result, technology underpins everything we do. 

After successfully conducting more than 500,000 digital measurements, we have built a state-of-the-art digital measuring platform designed to make the process of measuring, designing, and planning the easiest possible:

Unprecedented 100% accuracy

Multi layer accuracy that gives you an overall view of the entire scanned space – for any purpose.

Advanced AI optimization

Designated functionalities that eliminate mistakes & production errors on the fly.

CAD & Machinery agnostic

Customized support to all production machines & CAD software, and many other special features.

Real-time cloud syncing

Get instant access to your drawings in a digital format, no more inaccuracies in converting to CAD or delays.

Easy to use and accessed through the cloud

It Couldn’t Be Easier

Watch this short 35 seconds video demonstration of a room measurement conducted by a compatible Laser Distance Meter (LDM), and how the InnoDraw measuring & drawing software translates it instantly to a digitized 3D accurate drawing.

How It’s Done

Watch how the accurate measurements are taken by a compatible 3D LDM and automatically drawn  in real time in our proprietary measuring & drawing software, Elcad, and then instantly converted and synced with your favorite CAD software.

Simple Hand-Held Laser

Watch how the measurements can be taken by a hand-held LDM as well, using the advanced InnoDraw software capabilities the optimize your measurements on the fly and converts them into a 100% accurate 3D drawing easily.

Architects & Interior Designers

Enjoy 100% accuracy and reduce time wasted on unnecessary traveling, inaccurate measuring, and re-drawing into your CAD software, to 0.

Countertop & Backsplash Fabricators

Our advanced AI optimization engine eliminates mistakes & production errors, and our customized cloud service supports all production machines.

Remodelling, Kitchen, Bath & Bedrooms

Receive drawings and photographs of the walls, including exact placement of outlets, electrical pipes, lighting, etc., measurement costs become a variable cost rather than an overhead burden.

Construction & Real Estate Surveyors

Our advanced AI optimization engine eliminates mistakes & production errors, and our customized cloud service supports all production machines.

Focus On Your Core Business

Stop wasting time, money, and energy, on tedious outdated measuring & drawing practices. With our expertise, AI solutions, and dedicated team, we can help you concentrate on your core business and scale it to new heights.