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Best Measuring Service Since 2016

Tired of driving to measure at the job site?
Tired of getting ‘broken’ inaccurate measurements?
Tired of the tedious re-drawing work into your CAD program?

InnoDraw’s measuring & drawing service is a total game changer:

  • No need to drive to your job site. We go and measure for you !
  • Your detailed, accurate, 2D/3D drawing will be automatically converted to your CAD program and will be delivered to you within 2 seconds, after your measuring job is completed.
  • No need for any extra drawing work. Start design – immediately!
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Currently Available in GA, USA
100% complete 3D/2D drawings

Providing you with complete multi-layer, detailed drawings, including doors, windows, electrical, HVAC, plumbing points, and more. Generating fully detailed walls elevations and full 3D drawings.

Measurements accuracy and level of detail: 100%

Our advanced AI optimization engine eliminates mistakes & production errors, and our customized cloud service supports all production machines.

Time reduced on converting drawings to CAD: 100%

With InnoDraw, you no longer have to waste time on re-drawings, as our software directly transfers the measurements to your CAD software within seconds.

Volume of work increased for clients: 50%

How many more design jobs could you take if you wouldn’t have to deal anymore with correcting measurements errors and re-drawing into your CAD software?

Cloud-based service

Get your measurements in real time into your InnoDraw account.
You can get instant feedback from the on-site measurement professional, and you no longer have to wait/pay for him, to deliver the measurements.

– Data collection: using the built-in forms to collect additional information about the specific project as well as other valuable information.

– Ability to merge all of the measured rooms together for a complete floor plan.

– Digital pictures of the job site, both internal and external, are provided.

Focus On Your Core Business

Stop wasting time, money, and energy on tedious outdated measurement practices. With our expertise, AI solutions, and dedicated team,
we can help you concentrate on your core business and scale it to new heights.
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