Training - InnoDraw



Congrats! This is your first step on focusing solely on your core business and stop wasting time and money on your existing inaccurate and tedious measurement process.

After carefully reviewing and evaluating your existing measuring process, CAD software, and the entire technical aspects of your business, our experts will help you get started on our platform and start using our AI measuring solutions ASAP.

How we help you get started

Easy To Start

Our cloud platform is compatible with all of the existing CAD software and various production machinery. Not a tech-savvy person? Don’t worry, our proven onboarding process and experts will get you setup with no effort at all.

Personal Support

Your convenience is our success. We strive to get you the best solution and experience possible. Our goal it to make you happy, and our team of dedicated professionals will walk you through our platform step-by-step.

Tailor Made

Whether you’re doing your own measurements or outsourcing them, if you’re relying on manual, heavy laser measuring, or any other instrument, our experienced team will build an optimal solution exactly for you.

Discover how AI can save you time, money, and help you focus on your core business. Book a demo today with our solutions experts.

  • We’ll dive into the challenges you’re looking to beat and gain a better understanding of your specific goals and needs.
  • Present potential solutions and provide an under-the-hood view of the technology powering digital measuring, advanced AI processing, real time results, and cloud compatibility with your favorite CAD software.
  • Share relevant case studies and benchmarks from existing customers who already leverage our platform.
  • Provide an initial cost estimate based on your goals and ideal solution, predicted revenue impact, and ROI benchmarks.