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Construction & Real Estate Surveyors

Digital measurements that save you days

Tired of getting ‘broken’ inaccurate measurements?
Tired of the tedious re-drawing work into your CAD program?
InnoDraw’s solution is a total game changer.

Time reduced per on-site measurement: 90%

Our proprietary AI algorithms enable inexpensive laser devices to easily perform 100% accurate 3D/2D digital measurements and shorten the existing manual measurement process into a few minutes work only.

Measurements accuracy and level of detail: 100%

With InnoDraw, you no longer have to spend time on back-and-forth communication with the designer/planner or correcting errors. Our proven AI algorithms optimize and verify the accuracy of your measurements to perfection in real-time, regardless of your measurement devices.

Time reduced on delivering the drawings: 100%

Get your measurements in real time into your clients’ InnoDraw account. InnoDraw enables delivering drawings instantly to your clients’ CAD program simply by pressing a button. That’s it! You successfully completed the delivery and job.

Volume of work increased for clients: +50%

How many more measurement and surveying jobs could you take if you wouldn’t have to deal anymore with correcting measurements errors, delivering the drawings, and reducing the on-site measurement time by 90%?

– Enabling laser measure device movement between several construction locations.

– Providing detailed drawings with all of the construction’s objects.

– Accurate AS-MADE / AS-BUILT drawings, and layers compatible with AutoCAD other CAD programs.

– Automatic Layers allocation & automatic area calculation.

Focus On Your Core Business

Stop wasting time, money, and energy, on tedious outdated measuring & drawing practices. With our expertise, AI solutions, and dedicated team, we can help you concentrate on your core business and scale it to new heights.