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Architects & Interior Designers

Digital measurements that save you days

Tired of getting ‘broken’ inaccurate measurements?
Tired of the tedious re-drawing work into your CAD program?
InnoDraw’s solution is a total game changer.

100% complete 3D/2D drawings

Providing you with complete multi-layer, detailed drawings, including doors, windows, electrical, HVAC, plumbing points, and more. Generating fully detailed walls elevations and full 3D drawings.

Measurements accuracy and level of detail: 100%

Our advanced AI optimization engine eliminates mistakes & production errors, and our customized cloud service supports all production machines.

Time reduced on converting drawings to CAD: 100%

With InnoDraw, you no longer have to waste time on re-drawings, as our software directly transfers the measurements to your CAD software within seconds.

Volume of work increased for clients: 50%

How many more design jobs could you take if you wouldn’t have to deal anymore with correcting measurements errors and re-drawing into your CAD software?

Cloud-based service

Get your measurements in real time into your InnoDraw account.
You can get instant feedback from the on-site measurement professional, and you no longer have to wait/pay for him, to deliver the measurements.

– Data collection: using the built-in forms to collect additional information about the specific project as well as other valuable information.

– Ability to merge all of the measured rooms together for a complete floor plan.

– Digital pictures of the job site, both internal and external, are provided.

Focus On Your Core Business

Stop wasting time, money, and energy, on tedious outdated measuring & drawing practices. With our expertise, AI solutions, and dedicated team, we can help you concentrate on your core business and scale it to new heights.