Technology - InnoDraw


Full 3D Laser Measuring Device

Create detailed 3D measurements using a 3D LDM.

Simple Hand-Held Laser

Create detailed 3D measurements using hand-held, Laser Distance Meter LDM

Mobile App

InnoDraw’s software runs on a designated mobile app with a hand-held laser device.

Digital mapping

Further to the measuring process, data of other objects can be added, and an accurate map of the total area is created by the computer.

Calculations – The system allows different types of measuring.

For example:

a. Straight wall: The surveyor aims at two random dots and the system calculates the straight line which is the wall.

b. Curved wall – the surveyor aims at several points along the wall and the system draws the exact “curvature” (profile) of the wall.

Measurement Verification – The system allows the surveyor to verify the accuracy of the measuring by making “check and verification measurements” where the computer – according to the calculated internal map – validates the data of the verification checks.

Cloud access

Upon completion of the measurement, the surveyor presses a button and transmits the drawing to the InnoDraw server. The measuring information is automatically registered on the server. In addition, the server converts the drawing format to the specific format required by the user, such as PDF, DXF, DWG, ORD, etc. The drawing in its final format is sent to the user. In addition, an email is sent to the user, advising him that the measuring has been carried out and is available at his personal site, opened for him by InnoDraw.

Measuring laser range

The basis of the hardware system is a laser-based rangefinder. The device sends laser signals to objects (walls, outlets, windows, etc.) and according to the signal returned it calculates the distance and the angle from the device to the object.


At the end of the process, the software connects all the data into a perfect electronic drawing in InnoDraw’s unique format – called ELC.

Friendly interface

The surveyor has many drawing tools at his disposal activated by screen touch. During the regular measuring process, the surveyor does not need to give any instructions to the computer. All he needs to do is to aim the laser beam and “scan” the walls. The computer follows the laser beam position and completes the mapping. Once mapping is finished, the surveyor can use the many tools at his disposal to add relevant information to complete the overall drawing.