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InnoDraw: the Ultimate Laser-Based Digital Measuring, Drawing & Surveying Solution

Creates accurate, detailed 3D drawings by using a handheld or full 3D laser

Architects & Interior Designers

You can now concentrate on your core business - design and planning Receive accurate digital laser-based measurements of the site. Digital …

Construction & Real Estate Surveyors

InnoDraw provides high accuracy “AS-BUILT” 3D drawings right at the job site that show existing dimensions of building space, as it actually physically appears.

Remodelling, Kitchen, Bath & Bedrooms

Receive drawings and photographs of the walls, including exact placement of outlets, electrical pipes, lighting, etc Impress your clients with the …

Countertop & Backsplash Fabricators

Accurate measurements - eliminate mistakes and production errors.Fast process - increases productivity.The Elcad software has all the features needed …

Automatic conversion to other CAD programs !

Can start design, 2 seconds after measurement is completed !

Saves time! Eliminates mistakes and extra drawing work at the office!

Among our customers

among our customers

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